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JSF Utilization

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Download & Documentation

Find here downloads and useful information for using CaptainCasa Enterprise Client as rich client tool within your environment.


The download includes "everything you need": development tools, demos, a Tomcat environment, documentation, examples,... Installation takes 1 minute. There is a download for Windows users ("setup.exe") - this is the one we recommend when using Windows as operating system. And there is a download for Linux Users ("zip File").

Release 4.0: download here               List of changes - please read here.

Documentation for Developers

...the "must-read" ones:
  • Installation & Configuration - here
  • Developer's Guide - here
  • JavaDoc - here
  • Add-Ons - here
...the "special" ones:
  • Client Component Development - here
  • Tool Extensions - here
  • Embedded Usage Mode - here
  • Web Service Integration Kit - here
  • SAP Touch Screen Integration Kit - here
  • List of Changes up to Release 2.5 - here

Other Resources

  • Eclipse Plugin - This is part of the default download, you find it in the resources directory. Installation instructions are part of the default Installation Guide.
  • NEW! - Structured Data Manager CC-SDM
    Installation File - here
    Documentation - here
  • Web Servie Integration Kit
    Part 1 - here, Java stub and template generation
    Part 2 - here, declarative form generation and processing
    Documentation: here
  • SAP Touch Screen Integration Kit
    Extension Kit - here
    Documentation: here

Technical Papers

The following list contains some technical papers about specific topics. The technical papers are not "official documentation" - their content will not be updated throughout releases.