Addon components

  +  General Information about Add-ons


Location in CaptainCasa installation

Page Bean Components – Installation via .jar-copy

Page Bean Components - Installation via Maven

Pivot processing - Installation

License Issues

Versions Issues

  +  Add-on “Data Object Framework” (DOF)


One line of code creating some sophisticated dialog

Open and flexible binding to persistence infrastructure

High level of configuration

Extensible by Java implementation

General classes + Configuration

Basic Classes

When to pass meta data information

Passing meta data information into the repository by API

Passing meta data information into the repository by XML - Explicitly

Passing meta data information into the repository by XML – Implicitly

Please check the JavaDoc...

PageBeanComponent “DOFObjectListEditorUI”

Purpose of the Page Bean

Creation via DOFJdbcUtil

Page Bean Components “DOFObjectEditorUI” and “DOFObjectUI”

Extension Concepts - Defining an own detail UI

Create an own layout definition

Create an own Page Bean class

Copy the default layout

Register you Page Bean as the one to be used

Now simply “develop”!

Simplify life – implement the empty constructor

Global Definitions within the DOF Framework

Where to store global definitions

Time zone configuration

  +  Add-on “Diagram/Chart Editor”

Page Bean Components


Setup own shape library

Structure of shape library

Example XML


Setting up the JSP page

Developing the Java Code

The Chart-object

  +  Add-on “Pivot Table”



Building Blocks


Architecture and APIs

“PivotData” - Passing the Data

Embedding into your Page

Cell Interaction

Interface IPivotListener


Configuring the Type of Graphic

Extending the Graphics Processing

Hook for Deciding if Creation of Graphics makes Sense at all

Item List View

Defining Footer Line Calculation for Figure Attributes

Using the Item List View outside the Pivot Table Processing