Styling Issues

  +  Overview and Concepts

  +  Concept of background modifiers

The CSS way – and why it is complex

Background modifiers

Level of applying background modifiers

Drilling down background modifiers – or not?

  +  Focus coloring


General RISC values

Adding additional background modifiers

Adding additional elements

Changing the border-color

Compatibility when applying update 20200525

  Defining focus drawing on component class level

  +  FIXGRID Styling

Borders around the cells

Selection-highlighting, Hovering, Odd-Even-drawing

Sort images in grid header cell

  +  Styling of popup dialogs


Who is responsible for the border?

Popup dialog border settings in style definition

Styling of popup decoration

Animation settings

Types of size animations

Type of popup dialogs

Defining which animation type is used with which popup dialog type

  +  Styling of add-on page bean components

Location of style

Styling of DOF add-ons