JavaFX - Preview

CaptainCasa is a community-based framework for developing Business Application Frontends in an efficient way. Up to now the environment of the frontend is a Swing based generic frontend client. We are currently switching over to JavaFX. Here you get some first impression about the status of the JavFX client - you may compare with our Swing client, which is available via the demo area

There are multiple ways of bringing JavFX user interface to you - our preferred one is a "native packaging". In the package both the UI program itself and its Java execution environment (JRE, JavaFX runtime, ...) are bundled into one easily installable setup program. There's no need to pre-install Java on your machine before. And: there is no need to have admin-permission - so it's like the installation of an "App": downalod, setup, go!

The bundle is availble HERE.

We currently focus on Windows-bundles - for reducing efforts on our side. Please contact us directly in case you want to view the frontend on Linux or MacOS.

After download start the installation program. It will extract its content into you local user-directory - there is no touching of "/Program Files" or whatever directory. A launch icon will be created within your start menu after installation.

CaptainCasa Enteprise Client follows a thin, rich client architecture - in which the interaction controller resides on server side. Please find detailed information on

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Please pay attention: this is a preview only! We will constantly update, removing bugs on the one hand and adding more and more functions on the other hand.